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DyneGroup is an advanced technology company focused on new energy innovations and committed to the development of products and services that provide the capability for localized and sustainable food, fuel and electricity. The ability to directly address the production of these three necessities is at the heart of international development efforts. Current DyneGroup technologies and brands will produce modular, distributable and secure power and production systems, designed to provide affordable solutions to end users.

DyneGen, Inc. The Future of Engines... DyneGen is an advanced engine technology company focused on the design and production of high performance engines optimized for use with alternative fuels. The DyneGen engine family of new energy internal combustion engines spans the alternative fuel spectrum - from the more common (CNG and propane) to the more esoteric (syn-gas and bio diesel) and everything in between (hydrogen, ammonia, etc.).

Dyne Power Systems, Inc. "Power to the People…" The driving force behind the Dyne Power Systems mission is to take existing, proven technologies and integrate them together to produce the most efficient, lowest cost new energy technology products on the market - with a tight focus on a growing need in the worldwide marketplace to reliably and cost-effectively store and retrieve energy from both renewable and alternative sources.

DyneGroup is a unique service mix - combinations of custom products, engineering expertise and technical innovation to produce collaborative, integrated solutions that are localized, sustainable, distributable, modular - and affordable…

...because it's cleaner, smarter energy for an Alternative, Renewable Future!

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